The renowned “SADDLER SPRINGS” is for Sale17-Nov-2016

Media Release

                                             The Renowned "Saddler Springs" is for Sale

                                              World Class Ecotourism Opportunity & Grazing in the Carnarvon Ranges


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There is an amazing place they call Junjuddie Flat deep in the bush no more than a stone’s throw from Queensland’s iconic Carnarvon Gorge. It was here in the early 90’s that ex Queenslander of the Year, Lloyd Hancock, built a truly remarkable “outstation” ….. superb slab huts, wood stoves, dining hall,,,,,an awarded ecocentre for its  unique authenticity as a true wilderness destination, a place which has quietly played host to 1000’s of visitors in the years since. Junjuddie Flat is hidden away on the pristine 20,000 acre cattle property, Saddler Springs” which Lloyd purchased in 1989, traditionally and still a cattle breeder property forming one side of Queensland’s iconic Carnarvon Gorge.

 An important part of Lloyd’s dream included the founding of the Youth Enterprise Trust. This Trust quickly developed into a nationally respected Queensland-based charity which is still in operation. As a result and for a great many years, Saddler Springs also hosted  year-round wilderness programs for disadvantaged young Australians sponsored by the Trust.

Select inbound tourist groups were also welcomed including annual bookings from North American Universities.

Saddler Springs has hosted an amazing diversity of people over the years – the very wealthy to the most poor, black and white, a great many of Australia’s most senior leaders to the utterly homeless, the young and old ….and for.whoever visited, a place long recognised for helping urban people connect to the country we actually live in and rural life generally….

….although Lloyd  added “Some of those Uni students straight out of New York appeared more shaken than inspired after witnessing the branding of 500 calves!”

Lloyd recalled first visiting Saddler Springs in the 80’s, climbing to its high country, and looking out over the great tangle of cliffs, gorges, spurs and springs which are the Carnarvon Ranges: “I felt like I was seeing the country like the first person who ever stood up here did. It sort of took me over and a dream to take people here took hold. Well, no question this place has something special, There are a hell of a lot of testimonials out there. But  we have to now move on too. So we’re putting Saddler Springs on the market. It really is time for a new owner and energy, one we really hope loves this place as we do and the great many visitors who have already passed through over the years.

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