What To Do Before You List Your Farm For Sale11-Oct-2016

Ok you have made the decision that it is time to sell the farm. So what to do next??

I would suggest the following to points be strongly considered before you place your property on the market.

1.Making the Decision.Tell Staff/ Employees

If you have staff or employees working on your farm, before you place the property on the market, tell them of your decision.

Far better to hear from you rather than to hear the “gossip” at the local pub or corner store.

Many owners are concerned that good staff once they know the farm is for sale will leave, but if they find out second hand they will leave a darn side quicker.

Once you have told your staff then you can announce to all and sundry that the farm is for sale.

You will be surprised how often as an agent I am asked or told “We want to sell it quietly and don’t want the neighbours knowing”.

I am yet to find out how you can a secret, if it is for sale tell the world because if you don’t other people will and will put there commentary on why you are selling, the gossipers will suddenly know why you are selling and how much you will sell it for….all untrue of course.

So in short firstly tell your staff upfront and then tell the world.

2.A General Tidy Up First

Again before you invite any-one to inspect your property including an agent have a run around and see what needs to be done.

It will be small simple things that can make a big difference.

Clean up around the homestead and sheds, have it nice & tidy so when some-one visits it is appealing.

Check the front gate entrance make sure the gate swings properly in fact if possible make sure all gates swing properly… no buyer likes spending 10 minutes dragging a heavy gate around to get into a paddock.

Make sure that the troughs are not leaking water and fix any leaks.

The list is not exhaustive but just simply a matter of putting yourself in a buyers shoes and looking at what would turn a buyer off your property and address that turn off.

Once done I would then ask an agent if you are using to agent to come out and list for sale at the same time ask the agent what they consider you should do to make the farm appealing to a buyer. We are not talking spending thousands of dollars just some general house keeping.

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