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Rural Properties Listing Australia

Welcome to Australian Rural, the place where real estate agents across Australia list their best rural properties.

Since 2010, we have been working with Real Estate agents to deliver a comprehensive listing of rural properties and farms for sales from every state. We are also the publishers of the Australian Rural property report, a comprehensive guide to auctions, trends and sales in rural property.

Meet the Founder – Garry Martin

Garry Martin - Rural Properties Expert

Back in 1974 I left the farm that my family shared farmed on the outskirts of Brisbane and joined one of the major wool broking firms, I was posted to a country branch which entailed an 8 hour bus ride to get their, I remember stepping off the bus in this one street country town, looking down the main road and thinking perhaps I should get back on the bus, but I stopped and was reposted to that branch twice. That town was Taroom and was one of the greatest towns I have lived in.

After spending a few years in the country branches I was posted back to Brisbane in the early 1980’s into what is now the real estate office and then spent the next 30 plus years marketing , selling, auctioneering and valuing rural properties throughout Queensland.

Around 2011 I decided I wanted to do something for myself and after a “light bulb moment” I decided to build the Australian Rural website, around that time there was only a couple of websites that promoted rural properties only apart from agents websites.

We decided to build a website that would allow agents to promote their agency and their clients listings at a realistic price whilst at the same time developing a site that would allow buyers to navigate around the site easily so they could find quickly what they were interested in.

Being very much a computer and technology novice the building of our first website was a very steep learning curve. The site we have now is our third rebuild and each time we have improved the site to keep up with technology changes within the industry.

I have a passion for rural Australia and I hope that you find what you are looking for on our site.

Please take your time to enjoy our site.

We are here to help wherever we can so if we can assist you further please complete our enquiry form and we will answer you quickly.


Garry Martin
Director – Australian Rural