How To Sell Your Property Quickly

How to Sell Your Property Quickly

Once you have decided to sell your property you sort of want it to happen today, right now, but of course that does not happen unless you are practically giving it away which no-one does. Our attitudes change from when we are a seller to when we become a buyer. When you are selling your property it is the best in the street, the best in the district and you want as much as we can get for it. When you do sell you will need to buy something to live in, then you become the buyer and your attitude is that you want to steal the next property and do the same things as buyers have done to you.

So what can you do to help sell your property quickly.

I believe there are several things a seller should do to help sell their property and the same issues apply whether you are selling a residential property or a cattle station.


In most cases a property is sold within the first 10minutes a buyer steps onto your property, and by that I do not mean that the buyer will buy the property within 10 minutes, but if a buyer inspects a property and after about 10 minutes of having been there if the buyer feels good about the property then there is every chance that they may make the next step and make an offer.

First Impressions are so important

When you are planning to sell your property do some groundwork first, clean it up, get rid of clutter and rubbish, tidy up the gardens, if necessary do some painting, just spruce it up some, make it feel appealing. You will not sell it if it does not appeal to a buyer.

You will be surprised how many people will try and sell an untidy property, often with rubbish around it or when an inspection is happening the inside of the house is a complete mess, keep it tidy. In the case of a rural property make sure simple things works like the front gate swings rather than have to drag it on the ground.

Spend the time looking at what needs to be done, compile a list and do it, then look at going to market.


Ok so now the property is ready to go on the market, some sellers will decide to try and sell their property themselves with the intent of saving commission, but if they undersell their property it has probably cost them more than what the commission may of.

Appoint an agent that you feel comfortable with, that you feel you can work together with. Be aware of appointing an agent on price especially the one who tells you they can get you a world record price, they are just “buying the listing” and once you appoint that agent get out the tissues as the sad stories will start as to why they cannot get what they told you.

Appoint an agent that you feel comfortable with, that is able to identify what the local market is doing and one you feel you can trust.


Be prepared to spend some money on marketing and promoting your property, some vendors expect that the agent should provide the market at their cost, but if agents started to pay for every-ones marketing programs they would soon be out of business.

Your agent should be the one to advise you the best method of sale ( I will cover methods of sale in another time) the agent may recommend that you sell by Private Sale or by Auction or Expressions of Interest, prevailing market conditions will probably help determine that for example if the market is hot with a fair number of buyers and not many properties available perhaps Auction could be considered.

Again your agent should be able to provide you with a fully costed marketing campaign which should include a mix of press advertising and internet advertising.

Also consider the advantage of professional photography and or a video.

You need to make your property stand out from the competition.


Again a good agent should be able to give you some advice on where to price your property. Many sellers believe that they should add an extra $50,000 to $100,000 to their price with the idea of being able to argy bargy back to a price, however buyers are very much aware of pricing levels and if you price your property too high buyers will consider it out of their price range and not even inspect your property.

Spend some time, do some homework it is all so much easier now with the internet, see what the current demand is for properties like yours, see what competition you face from other sellers with similar properties and what they have listed their properties for sale at, try to see and find out what has sold recently and do not pick out the highest sale and say your property is much better so you want a much higher price.


It will be your agent who will negotiate with a buyer on your behalf , however at the end of the day it is your choice as to whether you accept a buyers offer.

Be flexible on your pricing at least by 10-15% of what you are hoping to achieve.

Do not be too hard on price, look at how the market is at that time, how many parties have shown interest and how many offers have you received and what level were they at.

I have seen sellers walk away from a sale for the sake of $5000 in a difficult market, only to chase the agent up a month or so later to see if that buyer is still there….usually they have gone and the sellers sell a few months later at a far far lesser price that what was offered.

The above is a brief rundown on how to sell your property quickly, I am happy to answer your questions if you wish to email me at

Garry Martin

Editor Australian Rural

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